The Importation-Based Cost-Cutting Journey of a Transport Entrepreneur

Meet Susan, whose real identity has been altered out of respect for her privacy. She is a prosperous businesswoman who has built a reputation for herself in the commercial trucking and transportation industry in the Philippines by operating her trucking and public transportation businesses for more than 20 years. She started her trucking and public transportation enterprises from scratch, running a fleet of trucks and other commercial vehicles that travel to various regions of the country, servicing both private businesses and the general public that commute. 

A Turning Point and Increasing Costs

However, unlike other businesses, the transportation industry has been completely affected by the Covid-19 Pandemic and the fluctuation of fuel prices. A record-breaking increase in other operational costs also affected the trucking industry, along with many others. Susan reached a breaking point as a result of the Philippines' level of inflation, rising fuel expenses, and rising maintenance costs. She had to find a solution to reduce expenses or risk the failure of her entire company.

Susan discovered that in order to cut operational costs, she must import tires directly from a neighboring country, which would allow her to drop her tire expenses by about 20–25%. She would be able to significantly reduce tire prices by importing them. She would also sell any extra tires to other trucking companies as an added help in the face of these challenges.

A Leap into the Unknown

There was a catch, though. For Susan, this was absolutely unexplored ground. This new endeavor was not without its difficulties. The complexities of direct importing, shipping, and customs clearing were completely unknown to Susan. Though the concept held promise, it remained unclear how to put it into action.

She began to search online, diving into forums, articles, and videos about direct tire importation. She reached out to online e-commerce platforms that allow her to connect to suppliers.

Finding the Right Logistics and Customs Clearing Partner

Her persistence eventually paid off. In the Philippines, Susan discovered a reliable logistics and customs brokerage provider with knowledge of facilitating tire importation and customs clearance. She made the decision to work with them in partnership, depending on their knowledge to negotiate the intricate world of international shipping and the prevailing Customs Modernization and Tariff Act.

Pneumatic Tires being imported into the Philippines

Susan was given a breakdown of the crucial import procedures by Ernest Logistics Corporation, emphasizing the necessary paperwork such as BOC's Certificate of Registration, DTI's Import Commodity Clearance (ICC), and other crucial permissions. They clarified that every import transaction requires the ICC, and that documentation like the Packing List, Commercial Invoice, and Certificate of Origin, and others, must be processed simultaneously. As a result, entry paperwork like the Single Administrative Document (SAD) is produced, submission of DTI's Certificate of Conditional Release (CCR) to the BOC, consequently releasing the cargo upon payment of proper of duties and taxes.

As part of the DTI's protocol, the cargo, in Susan's case the Pneumatic Tires, must remain in an approved warehouse for testing and inspection by third-party accredited providers. Ernest Logistics Corporation added that DTI will charge minimal fees for the ICC Stickers to be applied to the Pneumatic Tires after they pass inspection and testing. Further instructions cover every step of the process, guaranteeing Susan's comprehension of the complex import procedure.


Businesses can learn to be adaptable and take calculated risks from Susan's tale. She emphasized the value of working with dependable logistics and customs brokerage service providers, as well as the need to be receptive to fresh thinking and open-mindedness.

Susan collaborated with an importation expert to make cost-effective decisions. Her boldness made challenges into chances. She encourages us to be open to learning new things and to look for opportunities to progress. Her success was largely a result of working with the customs clearing professionals. The tale of Susan is a lesson in savvy business, demonstrating how picking the proper importation partner can make a company prosper.

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