The Art of Buy & Sell Online (Secrets of Online Sellers)

Lazada, Shopee, Facebook Marketplace, Amazon, Alibaba and more are now the trendiest and safest (digital) venues to buy our supplies beating our conventional retail store outlets and malls. Health experts insist in promoting social distancing, open-air ventilation, proper use of facemask, sanitation and personal hygiene in order to remain healthier from COVID19.


As we remain hopeful to regain our economy, we have to understand how to take opportunities in online retail or e-commerce.


I. Choosing a product


  • Finding a product to sell - check what’s hot or trending and offer a better advantage
    • Tweak it
    • Bundle it


Evaluating your idea


  • Create an online survey and ask your contacts about your idea


Obtaining your product

Is it local?


Do you need to Import?


What’s the cost? Analyze your profit after cost


II. Research and prepare


Research your competition - how the existing market / sellers are behaving?


Writing a business plan - can you do better?


III. Setting up your business


Naming your business

Creating a logo

Understanding search engine optimization (SEO)

Building your store

Choosing your sales channels

Register your business

DTI (click here

Local Government agencies

BIR - Think big register here


IV. Preparing to launch


Set-up a calendar and observe


V. Post launch


Acquiring your first customer


Marketing your store


There are many ways to start but the following items are the basic steps that include registering your business, getting a dependable logistics and freight forwarding company with strong experience are very important.

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