The Inspiring Journey of Boss Pico's Leap into Truck Importation

Sulpicio, also known as "Boss Pico" to his loyal staff and close pals, has been dealing in scrap and other goods for more than 15 years. One day, some of his devoted clients asked him if he would be venturing into selling trucks and machinery. Boss Pico explained his initial reluctance to his wife and a few friends by saying that the proposal sounded capital-intensive and outside of his field of competence.

However, a chance presented itself when a buddy offered to put money into it, urging him to sell trucks to his loyal clients.

Leap of Faith

Boss Pico met a supplier of brand-new vehicles while participating in an online event. He met with this group three times in Manila, and each time he became more enthusiastic about starting this new business. He was eventually forced to take a gamble on selling a truck out of pure force of will and determination.

He courageously nodded his agreement, and good fortune smiled upon him as he was able to land his first order. The choice ushered in a daring new era for his company, one that was propelled by his uncompromising determination and the encouragement of people who had faith in him.

From Issue to Solution

The fact that Boss Pico was completely new to this area of work and had no prior experience bringing trucks from the source to the Philippines was a huge obstacle, though. Although he listed 15 years of trading sector experience on his resume, this did not include the knowledge required to manage the logistics of shipping brand-new trucks between the two countries, moreover the process of doing customs clearing. Boss Pico started looking for a solution when he realized how difficult the situation was. His perseverance paid off when he discovered a trustworthy Customs Brokerage company that also provides logistics solutions, an experience that gave him the opportunity and knowledge he needed to narrow the gap.

Importing Trucks is Complicated

Importing trucks to the Philippines without the right information is challenging. Thankfully, Ernest Logistics provided Boss Pico with essential knowledge, enabling him to pursue his dreams. They guided him through the complex process of acquiring the required permits and licenses, including the Bureau of Customs's Certificate of Registration (COR). They also educated him about specific regulations, such as the DENR's rules preventing the Certificate of Conformity (COC) for trucks with Euro 3 engines or lower.

Ernest Logistics also explained the details of importing brand-new trucks, known as Completed Built Units (CBU). These must adhere to certain age guidelines, especially if classified as brand-new but old stock.

Boss Pico also learned about the challenges of importing used trucks, classified as restricted goods. These require specific and additional permits like the Certificate of Authority to Import (CAI) issued by the Department of Trade and Industries (DTI), which can be hard to obtain. With professional guidance and assistance, Boss Pico navigated these complexities, ensuring he met all regulations in his ambitious endeavor.

Such detailed information, vital for legal compliance, typically comes from industry experts. Ernest Logistics not only offered this expertise to Boss Pico but also strengthened his commitment to lawful operation.

Boss Pico's journey serves as an example of the virtues of tenacity, adaptability, and finding the appropriate partners in the difficult world of international trade and industry. The switch from trading junk to importing trucks was more than just a shift in corporate strategy; it was also evidence of the adaptability and creativity of people. Boss Pico could continue to develop an uncertain potential into a successful business with his sheer will and tenacity as well as the assistance and knowledge of business partners like Ernest Logistics. 

His experience serves as a reminder that even the most difficult chores can be turned into promising new directions with the correct amount of bravery, direction, and attention to the rules. Boss Pico's journey offers priceless lessons in accepting change, picking up new skills, and having faith in the relationships that make ideas come true, whether you're an entrepreneur starting a new firm or an established company trying to grow.

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