Online Business Continues to Grow in 2021

With consumers resorting more to online shopping amid pandemic restrictions, entrepreneurs have embraced the digital phenomenon for online shopping even more. E-commerce websites such as Lazada, Shopee, Facebook Marketplace and more, we are at the forefront of these online shopping platforms with expected surges in sales revenues in millions of pesos. 


Technology has already transformed online business transactions into an infinite marketplace where conducting business has become more convenient and efficient for both vendors and vendees. The COVID-19 pandemic has made this marketplace a more obvious necessity.


The number of registered Philippine online businesses surged more than 40 times in the past five months as people turned to the Internet for income amid one of the world’s longest lockdowns.


Registered online business names soared to over 75,000 last week from 1,700 in March, the Department of Trade and Industry said in a statement on Tuesday.


The boom bodes well for the government, which is moving to tax online transactions as collections fall and spending rises due to the coronavirus pandemic.


“The silver lining in Covid-19 is the accelerated adoption of e-commerce,” Trade Secretary Ramon Lopez said, adding that the agency’s shift to digital business registration has also helped.


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