Global Procurement Mastery: A Success Story in Ceramic and Porcelain Tile Import and Distribution

Maximino, a clever businessman in his 50s, has made a name for himself in the building materials industry in the vibrant Southern Luzon economy. Having transitioned from local sourcing to international procurement over a ten-year period, Maximino's approach is now a case study for utilizing customs brokerage, international sea freight forwarding, and logistics for business expansion.

The Transition from Domestic Sourcing to Global Importation

The first instance of Maximino's business savvy was when he entered the social housing market and started providing tiles. His early success with domestic sources encouraged him to investigate international markets in an effort to increase profit margins. He was thrust into the subtleties of customs clearance, containerized trucking, and international sea freight forwarding as a result of this decision.

Learning the Hard Knocks of Customs Challenges

His first foray into tile importing was an emotionally difficult voyage that came after a life-changing business fair in China. He faced challenging circumstances even after forming a partnership with a regional customs brokerage company: unanticipated hold-ups in customs clearance at Philippine ports resulted in excessive storage and demurrage expenses. This terrifying event shed light on the intricate dynamics of the supply chain and highlighted the critical function of skilled customs brokerage in the dynamic realm of global trade.

A Proactive Solution

Maximino partnered with a more seasoned customs brokerage and logistics company after realizing he required further assistance. This crucial choice, put forth by a different CEO, revolutionized his tile import company. His new partner assisted him in navigating the DTI Department Administrative Order 20-09's requirements for obtaining an Import Commodity Clearance (ICC) in order to import ceramic and porcelain tiles into the Philippines.

They helped him with everything from obtaining a Certificate of Conditional Release (CCR) to using a warehouse that has been certified by the government for testing and inspection. Additionally, they stressed the need for compliance, setting up independent testing for the ICC Certificate and stickers from ILAC/APAC MRA recognized labs, and making sure all requirements were satisfied for the DTI's post-release testing. Maximino's business relied on this relationship to ensure compliance with all regulations.

Value of a Professional Subject Matter Expert

Beyond a simple commercial decision, Maximino's foray into the importing of ceramic and porcelain tiles was a master class in international sea freight forwarding and customs clearance. His experience clearly illustrates the complex maze of importing regulated goods, a procedure that needs not just close attention to detail but also a deep understanding of the complexities of the supply chain. It highlights an indisputable fact: the cooperation of an experienced and reliable customs brokerage and logistics solutions provider is essential to the success of such endeavors. They become vital allies in the grand undertaking of international trade, guiding the difficult obstacles of international trade into chances for expansion and innovation.


Maximino's voyage eloquently demonstrates that, particularly in highly regulated industries, entrepreneurs are not lone travelers in the vast waters of international trade. His story demonstrates the great benefit of forming strategic alliances with seasoned experts in customs brokerage and logistics. These partnerships are essential for enabling sourcing and propelling substantial corporate growth. Maximino's experience demonstrates how business owners may gain greater access and control over the demanding yet rewarding world of international freight forwarding and customs clearance when they receive the proper guidance and assistance. This story acts as a lighthouse, letting business owners know they're not the only ones navigating these tricky waters.

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