The Ernest Way

For 10 years, Ernest Logistics Corporation has been instrumental in providing services to various industries that heavily depend on supply management and distribution. Trucking or hauling seems familiar to most businesses and played a vital role during 2020.


During the lockdown, the logistics remained operational in order to sustain the distribution of both raw materials and products of numerous companies that needed to remain open in order to address the needs of local communities adjusting to the New Normal.


Ernest Logistics Corporation invested heavily in technology and transportation by acquiring more vehicles so it can immediately address the growing needs of the customers. It also has implemented and improved its digital efforts in order to promote ease of access and contactless transactions in order to prioritize the safety of all customers, partners and employees. Digitalization also promotes transparent and timely updates of shipments, enabling both customers and partners to keep track of their transactions.


We are looking at a very promising future where all businesses will flourish again as it believes in the entrepreneurial spirit of various people who wants to restart, to regain, and to rebuild success under the New Normal 

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