How Importation can Help Businesses Earn and Save More

It’s the shopping season again and the Philippines celebrate holidays like Christmas as early as September.  Given that holiday spending can generate as much as 30 percent of retailers' sales each year, it's no wonder they put so much thought into creating an appropriately festive environment and this is very apparent in shopping malls.

More entrepreneurs are now importing their products or materials abroad, particularly from China.  We also have seen the rise of online sellers who are using popular e-commerce platforms like Lazada, Shopee, Amazon, Carousel, Facebook Marketplace and many more.

You can also see a lot of sellers are also joining the bazaars, warehouses, thrift shops that promotes lifestyle and entertainment in open spaces as organized by either by private or NGOs 

What to sell?

  • Check what’s trending online and what people are talking about. Example, We are seeing metallic drinking bottles that can keep beverages either hot or cold and maintain their temperature in an airtight seal. Believe it or not, the cost of those liquid bottle containers is very cheap if you import and there’s a good opportunity to have your own brand to earn more.
  • Set some goals like sales targets and identify your distribution or sales strategy. 
  • Check your schedule, is this temporary or do you see yourself dedicating to it as a primary source of income. We all know that selling takes a lot of time, if you think you can do side hustle after work then consider your efforts
  • You have to check the next promo sale like the double digits as popularized by online shopping websites, then the payday sale, of course the Holiday Sale for Halloween, Christmas and New Year.

These are just some, sales strategy has to evolve due to changing behavior of market and as a business owner, you have to see how you can effectively earn by selling the product that people need.

How is Inflation Affecting businesses?

Inflation is a good factor to consider the best way to source our products. This goes across whether you are getting it from local manufacturers or abroad. You can do the computation and also consider the quality of the products. Bigger businesses outsource their raw materials or products from China and they simply undergo rebranding or repackaging. There is big savings if you deal with direct suppliers because they produce these items in bulk.

Is it easier to import?

Importation cost would depend on the service provider. The best way to choose the service provider is to check on its track record as a legitimate business over the years.

There has been recent news of abandoned shipments abroad and the Bureau of Customs is now taking care of these items. Later the agency found out that the main reason for its failure is because of poor customs documentation and processing. The lesson here is to tap an experienced logistics provider.

Ernest Logistics Corporation understands the importance of doing business during this time. The company provides reliable customs brokerage services and dependable nationwide delivery to any part of the Philippines. The company has been in the logistics and supply management industry for more than 12 years and been very active amidst the COVID 19 pandemic. Ernest Logistics Corporation commitment is to provide more dependable logistics services and affordable packages so that businesses can earn more, and save more.

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